As a honeymoon specialist I am constantly connecting with other wedding related vendors such as photographers, wedding planners, and bridal shops. My goal in doing this is that I will always be able to recommend the very best options to my honeymoon clients. I am very happy to say that I believe I have found the BEST bridal shop in Atlanta. The White Magnolia is an adorable boutique inside of a charming little cottage in Buckhead. I love this shop because their personalized approach to working with brides is very similar to the way that I work with my honeymoon clients. “The experience at The White Magnolia is different from most bridal boutiques because we offer hour and a half private appointments. The store is completely closed down for one bride and her group and she has the undivided attention of her bridal stylist. We strive to create a personal relationship with our bride in order to get to know her and her style. This helps us to find her perfect gown,” says Mallory of The White Magnolia. After getting to know Mallory and visiting her boutique first hand I would absolutely recommend it without hesitation to my clients. According to Mallory, “a typical White Magnolia bride is looking for something that is classic and traditional with a hint of modern.” So, if you’re on the hunt and want to truly enjoy the experience of “saying yes to the dress” then definitely reach out to The White Magnolia.

The White Magnolia, Atlanta


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