Travel Week is the equivalent of Fashion Week for people in the luxury travel industry. It is the most exciting week of the year because I get to learn about what is new in the industry and have a refresher on hotels and destinations that I already love. The conference takes place at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and the best agents and suppliers come from all around the world to attend. Each day we have 4-minute appointments back to back until four pm. At those meetings we get to know about all of the top and up and coming luxury hotels, spas, tour operators, on-sites, and airlines. Not only do we get a feel for the travel products, but we also form relationships with representatives from each company or hotel. One of the biggest things that I get out of Travel Week each year is how important relationships are in this business. One of the greatest perks of using me as your travel agent is the fact that I can personally contact a friend at the property that you are visiting and make sure that you are given the best accommodation, experience and treatment. Anyone can book a five star hotel on their own but you need a travel advisor to arrive and be greeted by the general manager, whisked away to your upgraded room, and discover all of the extra resort credits, complimentary meals, and extra activities that I can get you at no extra cost. Remember, You can’t VIP yourself! Overall, Travel Week is such a wonderful learning experience and reminder as to why I am in this industry in the first place. It is my job to stay up to date and in the know for my clients. I am really lucky to get to meet such amazing professionals in the travel industry and and I cannot wait for my clients to benefit from these connections.