A few weeks ago I attended the Millennials in Travel launch event in Atlanta. During the event the subject of Travel Week came up and when someone asked me what day I was flying out of Vegas I responded with, “well, I want to stay an extra night so that I can go see Criss Angel…” Little did I know that Criss Angel is no longer cool and I had apparently just made the nerdiest statement of my life. Fast forward about a month and I’m stepping into a cab to take me to the Bellagio from the Las Vegas airport. As I’m chatting with my cab driver and picking his brain about everything cool to do in Vegas I find out that he used to work behind the scenes on Criss Angels show. I couldn’t help myself and I immediately started nagging him to let me in on the magicians secrets. Of course he responded with, “ Ma’am, that is confidential information that I’m not aloud to discuss.” He didn’t know who he was messing with and after a few more times of swearing myself to secrecy my powers of persuasion won him over and he began spilling all of the explanations behind my favorite magic tricks. Like I said, I’m sworn to secrecy so I’m not going to tell you the details but I will say that like all magic tricks, his are illusions and are mostly pulled off by the ability to distract you from what is really happening. After that cab ride I no longer needed to go see Criss Angel but little did I know that a night of magic was in store for me.

I checked in quickly at the Bellagio and sprinted off to the opening ceremony, which I was already a bit late for due to my flight. When I got there I met up with the other Smartflyer Atl girls and listened to a bunch of speakers, including Matthew Upchurch (founder of Virtuoso) and got really pumped up about the industry. As the last guest speaker is about to take the stage a video starts to play about a man that Forbes describes as the most successful magician in history – none other than David Copperfield! How ironic right? Its almost like there is a greater power drawing me away from my fascination with Criss Angel…Anyways, David Copperfield did a great magic trick where he somehow fit his whole body into a tiny box. No idea how he did it, I will have to ask my next cab driver. The coolest thing about him wasn’t even his magic trick though. David is actually a huge fan of Virtuoso and turns to its travel advisors to book his own private island in the Bahamas, Musha Cay. You can book the island for $37,000 a night for up to 12 people and for up to 24 people at $52,000. The group of 11 islands as a whole is called Copperfield Bay and other islands are named appropriately named by the magician: Forbidden Island, Enchanted Island, Secret Cay, and Imagine Island.  The resort includes five villas and a large building that serves as the restaurant/clubhouse. David Copperfield has visited many Virtuoso affiliated properties and it was so interesting to hear how he took what he loved from each of them, even the smallest little details, and created his own paradise that he can share with people and give them an experience they will never forget.

photo-1 Exuma-Islands-Villa-p3_462883_8709877l


Next we headed off to the opening night party. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this week it’s that Virtuoso throws great parties. Tribal dancers and singers greeted us as we were ushered into the party. The room was decorated as four different themed locations from around the world. My favorite part may have been the dancers hanging from the ceiling. I’m sure they had a great time observing us all from above.



Special note to Criss Angel: If you’re reading this, which you probably are, I still think you rock and I still cant figure out how you pulled that girl on the bench in half and let her torso run off without her legs…