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Sugar Beach Honeymoon Review: Sarah Beth & Matt

I always say this, but the best part of my job has to be touching base with my clients after their trips and hearing about their incredible experiences. I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Beth and Matt on their honeymoon to St. Lucia and my day was made when I received the message below from them upon their arrival back home. Are they not the cutest couple ever?!

Hey Laura!

Thanks for checking in on us! It was AMAZING!!! Seriously, this was the dream honeymoon! We got the best driver to pick us up from the airport. I would recommend taking some motion sickness medicine because the roads are extremely windy. There are a lot of mountains and sharp turns. We didn’t get sick but if our driver had been any faster, i probably would have! Haha! He was fantastic though. When we arrived we were greeted by two tropical drinks and our butler who unloaded all of our bags. Our driver went straight to our room which was nice. The view from our room was breathtaking.


Not real life. It was amazing!! The all inclusive was definitely the way to go. We didn’t have to worry about any money except tipping which is expected and not bad at all! The food was great, and I would say about 97% is included on the meal plan which was nice. The staff was incredible and friendly. The spa was amazing. We went on a private tour and it was fantastic. We made some good memories and highly recommend the Soufrie Safari tour.

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We also went on a sunset cruise at the resort. One word to describe that is perfection.

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We had an incredible time. Thank you so so much!

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The Top Wedding Dress Shop in Atlanta

As a honeymoon specialist I am constantly connecting with other wedding related vendors such as photographers, wedding planners, and bridal shops. My goal in doing this is that I will always be able to recommend the very best options to my honeymoon clients. I am very happy to say that I believe I have found the BEST bridal shop in Atlanta. The White Magnolia is an adorable boutique inside of a charming little cottage in Buckhead. I love this shop because their personalized approach to working with brides is very similar to the way that I work with my honeymoon clients. “The experience at The White Magnolia is different from most bridal boutiques because we offer hour and a half private appointments. The store is completely closed down for one bride and her group and she has the undivided attention of her bridal stylist. We strive to create a personal relationship with our bride in order to get to know her and her style. This helps us to find her perfect gown,” says Mallory of The White Magnolia. After getting to know Mallory and visiting her boutique first hand I would absolutely recommend it without hesitation to my clients. According to Mallory, “a typical White Magnolia bride is looking for something that is classic and traditional with a hint of modern.” So, if you’re on the hunt and want to truly enjoy the experience of “saying yes to the dress” then definitely reach out to The White Magnolia.

The White Magnolia, Atlanta


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Graduation Girls Trip to Australia

For my college graduation trip, my cousin Angela and I joked about wanting to go to Australia. We never thought it would actually happen considering it’s on the other side of the world, but we wanted to so badly! I thought it was impossible, but after talking with Laura I learned quite the contrary. She told me to give her the time period we’d like to be there, a budget, and a general idea of what we’d like to do and that she would work on the rest. I knew absolutely nothing about Australia, and Laura has been there herself and did all the hard research for me-Where should we go, what should we do, etc. After much discussion, she gave us all her suggestions about which islands to go to and what activities she felt we would enjoy the best. Laura put together an extensive itinerary for us with everything laid out day by day. We wanted a mixture of activities and rest, and it was so perfect! She did such an amazing job at booking our tours with reputable companies, providing any upgrades she could, and tons of advice about where to go and what to do.

We had so much fun in Australia!!! The best part was not having to worry about anything. All our tours were booked and all our instructions were included in the travel packet that Laura got for us. She booked all of our flights and hotels for us too. You really don’t have to worry about anything, and it’s at no additional cost to use her! We got to go to 3 different beautiful areas in Australia-Sydney, Hamilton Island, and Cairns. Each place was very different and provided something new for us to learn. We got to go on a tour of the Great Barrier Reef, go snorkeling, tour the city on a double decker bus, see the famous Whitehaven Beach, hold a koala bear, and tour a rainforest! I felt safe and taken care of on our trip even though it was just the two of us. Laura had done all the work ahead of time to make sure it would be nothing but a blast!

Laura tailors her travel planning to YOU. Whatever you are looking for is what she can make happen. If you want something more relaxed, she will do her best to make sure that is exactly what happens. If you want to have a wild crazy adventure, she is able to make that happen as well! This is not only because she works for a great company, but also because she is so well versed in the travel world due to the traveling she’s done on her own. She has been to so many places! She’s stayed in a huge variety of different lodgings, from hotels to bungalows to boats! Her hotel recommendations were great. She put us in the most beautiful hotel called Qualia that is one of the top hotels in the world. We truly loved everywhere we stayed. Overall, Laura just knows what she’s talking about and your trip can absolutely be trusted in her hands.


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San Francisco Trip: Client Review

nonameWow, what can we say that would not be positive about our trip to San Francisco?! Everything was perfect!   While we initially planned to be in the area due to business, Laura soon turned this trip into one of our most memorable.   We stayed just over the Golden Gate Bridge at Cavello Point in a gorgeous, contemporary, unbelievably spacious and luxurious room!  Laura was able to confirm an upgrade for us through her contacts at the hotel. The resort was historic, and has been totally transformed, but the part we stayed in was situated on a hill above the main lodge, and had breath taking views of the Golden Gate right outside our huge sliding glass doors. Every detail in the room was designed for comfort of the guests, and created a home away from home feeling immediately.   While we almost had a hard time dragging ourselves from the room or sitting area or back patio, we did have to venture out to do some hiking around the Golden Gate as well as over the bridge, and then an amazing day hiking through the Muir Forest.   With a freshly prepared breakfast every morning, and two great choices for dinner at night, as well as the spa to enjoy – coming home each day was almost the best part of the trip.

Twice we visited the charming, sea-side town of Sausalito which was a ten minute drive from our hotel (note, they have cars that guests can use) and shopped and ate amazing Italian one day and amazing seafood the next. You could visit this little town every day and not get bored. Then we dove into San Fran and enjoyed seeing some of the city.

Our next stop was Napa Valley.We had an amazing lunch at Bottega and then went to George Rubisows vineyard on Mt. Veeder. It is beautiful, especially the back vineyard and the views over to Sonoma. Laura had wonderful hotel recommendations but since we were visiting friends we stayed with them. Now we are dying to go back to stay in some of the beautiful hotels that Laura recommended.

All in all it was such a wonderful trip!

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